Friday, December 6, 2013

24 Hours In

No snow....
Just lots of sleet
and freezing rain bending over the trees
even the little trees
big trees without leaves seem o.k.
this Mutabilis rose bush looks a bit cold
Hurry, quick... Mom's got the camera on me now.
Weatherman says we will see 70 hours below freezing this time. Brrr.  Again, this seems a bit early.


Shirley Fox said...

The photos from DFW are amazing. The whole area shut down and so early.

It's cold in SA too. Not quite as bad but I'm sure to lose a few plants as we were at record highs just the day before. That's gardening in Texas....

HolleyGarden said...

You got it way worse than we did here. 70 hours below freezing?!! That doesn't seem like fun!