Monday, November 25, 2013

Boreas - Day 5

A bit unseasonable cold has landed upon Texas this past week.  Historical weather data will tell you this is not the coldest Texas has seen this time of year but I bet this is the longest spell for this time of year. Then, if you add the number of days without sunshine... grim.

Ok, ok, I did see it for a brief moment Sunday morning. Then it was gone.

This year, my sweetie and I decided to construct a greenhouse with some real bones. So far the temps inside have been in the 40's.  Some sunshine would be a real boost for us and the greenhouse.

No freezing temperatures here so far but the temperature has remained steady in the mid 30's since last Friday.  Sunday, we hoped to hop into the jeep for a trip out west to see some snow but so far no snow and really not any ice. 

Fingers crossed for now.

Hope the weather is nice where you are.


Randy said...

I don`t remember Novembers being like this since I was a high school football player in the 68-70 era. I think we may be heading into another 30 year weather cycle. I can`t even keep up with the amount of rain we have had here since 9-1, but I do know it is over 40 inches !

HolleyGarden said...

I agree with Randy. This is how Novembers "used" to be. I never, ever complain about the rain, but I don't like the cold, and never have. Still, I want enough that the chili thrips will stay out of our area!

And yes, I would love to meet some time! Just give me a shout sometime through email - we can do it any time after Christmas. :)

Karen said...

I bet your greenhouse will be a welcome respite from the cold weather. For some reason I'm having problems getting my head wrapped around winter coming on...and I'm in Wisconsin, the Land of Winter. I hope your weather returns to normal soon.