Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This post is for my mother-in-law, just in case she is watching.

My sweetie and I have been on a mission to hang a glittery chandelier in the loft apartment.  The ultimate dichotomy of rough and polish ultimately matching the theme of our decor. Originally we had found a rustic Mexican candleabra at a flea market and boxes of crystals at an antique shop that I have been working (not very quickly) to complete.

Then behold, I discovered the jewel of this posting at our neighborhood antique place (Jane's Secret Place) and fell in lust.  Took a photo, showed it to my sweetie, and then purchased it as our anniversay gift to each other.

Unfortunately, my sweetie has been working every weekend or everyother weekend forever and we did not have time to get it installed.  The maintenance guy has been working non-stop lately with apartment make-readies so he was no help... until yesterday.  "Hey, do you have time for me to install that light for you?"  

YES!  Happy dance.

So, while the candleabra sits waiting for its day in the spotlight, this little beauty is the perfect bright spot in our rustic loft apartment.

Another day, another task off the list.


Carol said...

It's beautiful!!!!!!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and what a beautiful chandelier to commemorate the occasion. That is so beautiful, are they all cut crystal pendants? I hope the long hours will end soon so you two have more time together!

HolleyGarden said...

LOVE IT!!! I hope your MIL loves it, too! And Happy Anniversary!

Randy Hyden said...

That`s just cool, I don`t care what anyone says !