Tuesday, November 5, 2013

She Lives!

Is there more to life than work and watering the garden?  Yes! Cooler weather and rainy days mean I can get to the computer again. Right after I plant up a few things...

This pot has lived on the corner of the kitchen counter since we have lived here in the loft.  I usually replant it a couple times a year and here is the latest version.

I went to a couple nurseries today looking for plants for a project down the street and and wound up with these ferns too.  Since I usually like to plant the container with cyclamen during the winter, I have potted it up a little high to keep it a bit drier than the ferns.  Not certain if this will work but worth a try.

Hope you are enjoying the weather today, too.


HolleyGarden said...

I am glad that it's raining here, but I feel so very far behind on my garden chores, it's hard to not feel like I am getting even farther behind. However, I have loads of other (inside) chores I should be doing! Love the cyclamen in the arrangement. I hope your inventive solution works.

Karen said...

Beautiful potted arrangement. If I didn't have so much clutter/lamps in this teeny house I'd have plants to cheer me up through the winter. Though maybe it's a good thing I don't have room.....I do have three houseplants that I neglect terribly, I should be reported to the authorities.