Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When the Sun Goes Down

When the sun finally dips down below the horizon the sky is a brilliant blue and all the neighbors are out walking their dogs.  We all complain about the summer but I realize it is nothing like 2011 when it was over 100 degrees for months - only had 8 or 10 days here, so far.  Hope your evening finds you under brilliant blue skies, looking at all those beautiful stars with a much more enjoyable temperature.


Shirley Fox said...

It has been a rough week out early and late. Out early and late then staying inside and trying to keep cool without pulling the plug on the entire state.

Close to a record in power usage yesterday too.

So hot my plants don't recover overnight. I see some changes to the garden this fall.

Karen said...

Oh, wow, that's HOT! We've been unseasonably cool this year, down in the 50's at night. Today's high was only 73 which is even cold by Wisconsin standards.

Do the dogs want to walk even at night in 96 degree heat? Mine would probably refuse to set their paws outside the door! Hope all is well with you both, any trips to Wisconsin this year?

Randy Hyden said...

It`s been an up and down summer, unique as always, a little rain followed by weeks of blast furnace. A cool spring that retarded some of my stuff. It showered a bit today. I think gardeners notice the weather more than most, ya think?

Marguerite said...

The sun is disappearing quicker and quicker each night. By 7:30pm now I can see it heading toward the horizon. I hate that, means I have less time in the garden :(