Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Anti-Social Gardener

In dawn's early light, after I take the dogs on their rounds, it is nice and cool outside.  (Well, we call 76 degrees cool, still.)  I go up the hill to check on the plantings at my neighbor's place.

Looks like the makings of some yellow squash!

Back at the loft garden, I see my landlord's favorite plant has taken over this corner of the garden.  There is a rose bush in there somewhere.

After that re-arranging, I bend over and pull out the bermuda grass and the other weeds in the garden.  My butt up in the air and there is no concerned neighbor around asking me why I pulled out that plant, what am I planting now, etc. 

Does this angle make you dizzy?  I love the colors of these Cheyenne Spirit coneflowers. 

The sun is creaping into my flower bed.  Suddenly, the quiet is broken by the screech of a cicada being chased by (what I think is) a Western Kingbird.   The sun is creeping to my flower bed and the dogs are reminding me they have not had their morning treat.

But wait.  A freshly hatched Gulf Fritillary. 

Guess he is enjoying the morning air, too.

Do you have a morning ritual?

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Shirley Fox said...

Oh yes, I enjoy walking through the garden every day while it is still cool which is defined as below 95F.

Your ritual looks like fun and I take a lot of angled pictures of my garden because that's how I see it. The coneflowers are pretty.

Funny, we have neighbor who does not garden but loves to wander over and ask questions.