Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can You Mash a Bug?

I don't mean a cute little ladybug, but maybe a spider or a beetle (chewing on your tomato)?

Ok, this rant is not for the faint of heart.  I would like to know exactly how we differ.  Really.

No turning back, now....

I find it odd that the very women that will not mash a bug would allow a partial birth abortion.  You know the kind where the baby's spine is cut and the baby is left in a sink to die?  Texas Senate Bill 5

Most of you ladies are not old enough to know of the true attrocities women of my era barely lived through to have the right to abortion.  Backroom "clinics" with no clean instruments, no medications, "coat hangers" to say the least.

But wait those things do not exist anymore.  We have come a long way in having the right to an abortion.  Yes, we now have these "doctors"  (link to Huffington Post article) and their kind that are in Texas, too (link to Houston Chronicle).  Senate Bill 5 wants women to go to proper surgical clinics. How is that wrong?

How does a women not know by 20 weeks that she wants an abortion?  The baby's health can be determined early by testing: Mayo clinic link.  If the baby was conceived by sexual assault, wouldn't this choice have been made before 20 weeks?  This is the second biggest issue contained in Senate Bill 5.

So you are feminist I hear you roar.  But what have you gained truly for womankind?  Please tell me your side.  (Without any name calling please?)

Think about it... Bugs and blind salamanders have more rights than human babies.

One more from someone on my side of the fence that says it a bit more eloquently. (a link to conservative blog)  I dare you to read it all.

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