Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Time For....

Some fall bloomers to show off their stuff:

 Salvia miniata (Belize sage - from Belize and the Mexican state of Chiapas)

 A native poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima variety originally from a region near Taxco Mexio)
As you may know, this is not the bloom but the bracts changing colors due to the daylight length change.
The bloom is actually the small green buds in the center of the color in this photo.

Fragrant Mist Flower (Eupatorium havanese aka White Boneset) 
blooms just in time for the monarch's arrival here in Texas. 

 I found one this spring and am being rewarded with blooms right on time this fall.


Time for Basketball season.  Salvia discolor (Andean sage from a small area of Peru) may not bloom for me unless I manage to keep it warm enough.  Blooms well in San Antonio in a protected area.   The bloom appears black (saturated purple and supposedly smells like blackcurrants), just beautiful with the silver on the stems and reverse of the leaves.  Local horticulture guru, Keith Amelung calls it the San Antonio Spurs Salvia since this salvia shares their colors and it blooms at the beginning of basketball season. (Go Spurs!)

Time for some new growth (?). I had rescued a small arbequina olive tree and have it growing in a pot (for now) and not certain what is happening at the petiole (where the leaf and stem meet). I know it is not supposed to be blooming as harvest is supposed to happen in the fall. I am just thankful this little tree is growing something.

Time for A little rest.  Been sidelined a bit for the week (doctor's orders) so I had a bit of time to sit and though it would be a great time to post. I actually feel better now than before the doctor's visit, isn't that the way it goes? Ah, modern medicine.

Time to prepare for winter.  It will be my 3rd winter in the loft garden. This year I have acquired a "new to me" greenhouse. It has a little wear and I may just build something more permanent instead. Seems a bit big for the area.  I may use that roof top you see sitting on the ground just past the greenhouse for the new permanent structure.

Time to say a little prayer for those on the East Coast awaiting the arrival of Sandy.  I have been through quite a few hurricanes and I feel for you all. Hopefully, the winds will not be as severe and the other storms will diminish before Sandy arrives. Take care.


Randy Hyden said...

Way cool plants and I sure want some wild poinsettia! I saw some down at the LBJ center in Austin a couple weeks ago and in mass , it`s awesome. I`m thinking may be greenhouse next year for me.

Cat said...

Have not seen the discolor sage. The leaves look very similar to Jerusalem sage. I bet that dark purple bloom is gorgeous on that silver-green foliage. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. I saw the wild poinsettia in a friend's garden this weekend. It's a pretty little plant. All the plants you featured are new to me except the wild poinsettia. I just love blog land...I learn so much from y'all!

Karen said...

Hello, it's been toooo long. I've never seen any of the plants in this post before, though I did sorta recognize the poinsettia before I read the description. You are going to get a lot of use out of that greenhouse, I can see that already.

I hope you are feeling better every day!

Tufa Girl said...

One of the perils of working in the nursery industry - I must have one of each of the plants I see... Now I am grabbing them up and trying to keep them here in FW. Lots of nurseries but not a lot of native plant (Tx & Mexico) selections to choose from.

HolleyGarden said...

Love the mist flower! I need (not want, need! ;)) some of those! I hope you are feeling better now. I was down with a cold for several days. It's not fun being sick! Take care.

Marguerite said...

A real proper poinsettia! Just gorgeous. We only ever see them here in tinfoil wrap in December. High winds today on this coast but we've been very fortunate to escape the worst of the storm. Can't imagine what people in New York are going through right now.

Anonymous said...

I too like the poinsettia. I never see them growing like they should, instead of captive throw away plants. Hope you are mending after your doctor visit. I have been recovering from pneumonia, so I feel for anyone not in tip top shape. Our area of NY was pretty well spared. Lucky too since we were expected to have severe damage, more similar to the east of us. Some places nearby did get hit hard with property damage though. Nothing in my neighborhood though.