Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big News (sigh)

You know it's big when it makes the New York Times.

For Texans, it will be one of those days you will remember where you were when you heard the news.

BREAKING - Fire at the State Fair.. caller says Big Tex is on fire.. 

Despite the promises of building him bigger and better, it is still a sad day.

From a posting by the Dallas News:
No one was injured.

State Fair officials say the fire was caused by an electrical short that started in his right boot. Flames and smoke shot up his body, which acted as a chimney, said Sue Gooding, a State Fair spokeswoman.
Gooding happened to walk by Big Tex when the fire started around 10:15 a.m. She spotted white smoke emerging from his collar.

“I didn’t know Big Tex smoked,” a fairgoer was overheard saying.

He doesn’t. Firefighters were sent to Fair Park by an unusual report from a Dallas Fire-Rescue dispatcher over the radio: “Got a rather tall cowboy with all his clothes burned off.”

“Big Tex was done in about 10 minutes,” said Allen Ferrell, who was visiting the fair with a church group from North Richland Hills.
 The fire consumed Big Tex’s 75-gallon hat. It ate off his fiberglass face, which once flashed perfectly straight teeth. It burned through his boots, his five-pocket denim jeans and his 23-foot-long belt.
All that remained were his charred three-ton steel skeleton and his hands, sleeves, belt buckle and bits of burnt clothing.
As it was reported in my old neighborhood (KENS 5):

The State Fair of Texas will remain open. Only the area around Big Tex will be closed off to the public. The last day for the fair is Sunday.

It didn't take long for Tex's friends to express their sorrow on Twitter, using the hash tags #RipBigTex and #BigTexOnFire. Within an hour, a phony Twitter handle was even created in his name.
@FlaminBigTex : "My Final Wish...Melt down my skeleton into #lonestarbeer cans"

A video montage, set to the ominous tones of Sarah McLachlan, was also quickly posted to YouTube. "That was beautiful," one of the commenters remarked. (TG: You may need a tissue)

Some tweets (with some grim photos) to prove the point:

Look, son, there’s Big Tex. He’s like the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty rolled into one.

Saw a "Get well soon Big Tex" billboard ad on the bus ride back. It's a state wide tragedy. It's crushed the hearts of all Texans.

Adios, Big Tex. You were as big as you were Texan. You will be missed.

rip big tex and along with it, a part of my soul 

To whoever burned down Big Tex.. May you be found out. May you be given the death penalty, and may the eyes of Texas be upon you.

Hearing there are corny dog memorials being laid at the feet of where "Big Tex" once stood. Seriously.

Big Tex burns down at State Fair TX. In a related story I'll never find my parents now! 
(TG: If you get lost at the State Fair, you meet at Big Tex)

First Report? 
Big Tex is on fire? @ State Fair of Texas 2012

Sad ending to the last weekend of 2012 State Fair of Texas:

Oh. My. God. Big Tex is no more :(


Randy Hyden said...

Yeah, what a drag ! Tex and I are contemporaries, having been born the same year. I`m sure a son will take his place,but it will remain to be seen whether he can fill the old man`s boots.

Hoover Boo said...

Sort of like the Texas Statue Of Liberty, only with Dickies. I'm sure he'll be back soon!