Sunday, December 18, 2011

On a Clear Night in Fort Worth

No drizzle Friday night so I convinced my sweetie into viewing some Christmas lights. I was thinking we could walk downtown (it's not that far, really) but luckily my sweetie is the smart one in this household. We drove.

The best tool in photographing Christmas lights (besides my scarf and gloves - which I forgot) is a tripod. This kept my shivering from shaking the camera.

Horse drawn carriage anyone?

You photography folks will notice my white balance is all over the map. Not certain I will ever figure these things out on the fly.

The trees along the street are lit year-round.
Buildings have added lights for the season.

I love looking at the courthouse and its scaffolding. I bet the top will be very shiny when it is replaced this spring.

Progression of colors at the Chesapeake Energy building.

Colors change quickly and my camera does not do the effect justice.

More of Chesapeake's handiwork along the Trinity river.

More to come...


Carol said...

Those last two shots are fantastic!!!!! I's love to have my trees look like that :0)

Marguerite said...

Great job photographing the lights. I still haven't figured out how to do this at all. Those light covered trees at the end are my favourite.

Bernie H said...

Fort Worth is lit up like a Christmas tree, and it's spectacular. Loved all the light covered trees.

Shyrlene said...

How beautiful! (Is it possible to get 'enough' Christmas lights? - no way!) The trees along the Trinity river might be my favorite - but why choose?!