Friday, December 16, 2011

Where Are the Lights?

The weather has been a bit dreary misty (ain't it great!) the last week or so and has put a damper (sorry) on our Christmas light stalking. So here are a few bits I have found to put me in the spirit.

These homeowners have a website: Forney Light Show

For my sweetie... (he is addicted):

Don't think you have any of those "tacky" light displays in your neighborhood? Click on the link to check and see:

Misty drizzlies are supposed to be over for us today. Maybe we can get out and scout some real stuff.


Carol said...

I love IT!!!!!! I've always wanted t be one of those houses :) but I live on a dead end a country subdivision and it just would work.

Marguerite said...

Carol, I thought the same thing until I moved to the middle of nowhere and found our neighbour is one of these houses. I figured no one would come all the way out here to see but word gets around and people will drive a half hour out of the city just for the lights. I think everyone just loves a light show. Thanks for posting these!