Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Up and down the interstate yesterday. The landscape in Texas has the same brown barren look as if it were winter.

On a side rant... if anyone would like an opinion about a turnpike north and south through Texas... ask me as I drive up and down IH35 pretty often. Not going into my reasons FOR the turnpike here, just saying, ask someone who drives the route.

Back to the posting...

It's still summer here and we still have random wildfires.

Weather in Fort Worth was breaking all kinds of records yesterday. 70 days over 100 degrees (69 in 1980), 107 degrees was a new record high for September 13th (100 in 1965) and the latest occurrence over 100 degrees in the year. (Wichita Falls, Texas at 100 days over 100 degrees this year is their record.) There is a cool front pushing through today so hopefully this will be over for us.

The Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) in its full moon bloom. Probably looked better the night before last. Happily sits in the middle of a pile of road debris too deep to dig out quickly this summer. I decided to plant things that "like poor soils" to see what would happen. The Jimson weed is the winner.

If I take the photos in the dark you will not see the carnage of the loft garden (or the bermuda grass...) Candlestick (Cassia alata) blooming now. In the San Antonio area it seems to bloom later, usually the end of September into October. It must know something.

Herb ring: Survivors: French tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), Mexican Mint Marigold (Tagetes lucida), Tuscan Blue Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis 'Tuscan Blue'). One green globe artichoke. Wait! Maybe another survivor?

There is a little sign of life under there!

Artichoke are considered annuals here. Mostly they die out in the summer as it is too hot or folk put them in the garden and they get too much water. If you can simulate southern California in your garden you can keep your artichoke for longer than one season. I think these two survivors received just enough shade from the rosemary and the mexican mint marigolds to keep their roots cool. This ring is located in the hottest spot in the loft garden as it sits between the parking lot, a sidewalk and the building.

Back inside to the construction project. This is the frame of my creation. (Big open area underneath for my sweetie's tool chests. Large open shelves up above.) There will be a "pause" in the progress as my friend Tom is back to work in San Antonio. I think my sweetie and I can get the rest of it accomplished.

This is my and Tom's pride and joy. He keeps calling it a china cabinet but it really is a book shelf. I have more books than dishes. All framed in and my sweetie and I will get the finishing touches done and then painted.

Speaking of paint. The "swatches" on the wall are the rejects. I have settled for the color "Contessa" for the big wall in the living/kitchen area. We decided to go with a "all in one" primer and paint as these walls are 16 feet tall. I will have photos.


lemonverbenalady said...

Always glad to see a book shelf, TG! And look at those herbs trying to thrive in the heat! It's getting cooler here! Maybe you'll get some of that cool soon!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing anything is still living after the summer you Texans have had. Temps have dropped and we are getting rain daily. This is not typical for our area, so much has changed across the country. I really hope you get your cool down.

Karen said...

Cindy, I love the new shelving! This is such a neat project and the colors look amazing. So hot there and so cold here, seems like we should be continents apart instead of mere state lines. I hope your weather cools off (not as much as ours) some and soon. We're getting really dry here, though, it's actually kind of worrisome, but nothing like you have experienced. Let's hope Ma Nature is done breaking records and just settles down.

Marguerite said...

oh boy is that red paint I see on the wall? Good job doing all in one primer and paint. We had a horrific time with primer under red paint. Glad to see the pictures of the countryside sad as it is. We hear bits on the news here but it doesn't really tell the story that my blogging friends share.

Casa Mariposa said...

nijicsI love red paint!! What color is Contessa? The best thing about book shelves is you can fill them with books!! I'm still praying for rain for TX.