Thursday, September 8, 2011

Going Up!

My friend Tom is here and he is building shelves and things for the loft.

Always fun finding ways to get things to the second floor.

Hamlet and Spice

Everything is in and construction has begun. Hope to have photos of progress soon.


creekside rummager said...

what cute dogs and dog names.

Janet said...

Ingenious way to get what you need up to yours. Did the dog help?

Casa Mariposa said...

What are you doing to the loft? I bet a crane would come in handy, just not the feathery kind!

Karen said...

Cindy, great idea for moving lumber! Much easier than hauling it up a bunch of stairs.

Catching up on your posts, loved the tour of the botanical garden. Any rain in sight for your area, yet?

Marguerite said...

yikes that's a lot of wood to go up through the window. I had to do that with a couch once, an experience I'd rather not have to repeat again.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Hamlet and Spice seem like such good helpers, too. :) And they are so cute!