Friday, September 16, 2011

Onto the Dusting...

Finished up one more project last night. Tom had the whole thing framed out before he left; all we had to do was get some plywood for the top and the steps. This is going to be Hamlet's perch.

I designed this perch so that my catch-all dresser would fit underneath. I started moving things back into place this morning and am in the process of dusting everything as I touch it. (The entire loft is covered with a thin layer of sawdust.) I have somethings that are just the right size to fit underneath and I may move the dresser out and closer to the front door.

This is what happens when I clean. I rearrange the furniture. My sweetie likes that I clean when he is at work. One time he had the misfortune to be at home the day I did the mother-in-law clean. I moved the furniture to clean under it. I moved a couch another way just to check out the arrangement, then another piece, and another. Of course, my sweetie thought he should help. Doesn't he know I can move this furniture around when he's not here? Anyways, when all the furniture went back to the original position I heard about it. Cleaning is not a team sport at our home.

Hamlet on the perch.

I would not recommend doing wood working projects indoors. As most days had been in the 100+'s and we are one floor above ground I decided inside was the best for all concerned. Yes, we had to get all the material upstairs but I figure one stick at a time was easier than huge pieces going up the stairs. I could keep the crew happier and get more projects accomplished while the getting was good.

Checking out the view.

We have always had a place for Hamlet to view out a window or a door. Here at the lofts the windows are 4 feet above the floor. I tried putting a couch or a chair by the window for him to sit in. (Yes, the dogs have furniture - but not all the furniture.) It was not the right fit. I knew a perch was to be created but it would have to serve many functions in our limited floor plan.

Tom could not believe we were to create a platform for a 50 pound dog. My sweetie jokingly said we could put our bistro table and chairs on top also. I immediately stepped in to announce the perch would not be large enough and no change would be made to make it large enough for a bistro and chairs. It was a perch for Hamlet. A 50 pound dog. Well, I love Tom to death and the perch is sturdy enough for a 50 pound dog, a bistro and chairs and 2 people to sit there. Although not large enough -- it is sturdy enough.

Hamlet loves it and I have more storage places. That is all that matters. Now, where is that dust rag?


Anonymous said...

I always accommodated my dogs too. Cats, not so much. So I see the logic in your project. I wish I had a husband to help with the cleaning. He is the one messing it all up!

creekside rummager said...

Yes, we also accommodate our 4 legged family members. Such sweet photos of Hamlet - lucky dog. TG you made me laugh about cleaning and moving furniture. We have a cottage on our property that is my husand's "man cave". That is where you find him when I start rearranging.

Karen said...

Cindy, I've made Carl and Joel move big ol' rocks around more than once but the weird thing is, though the one in particular weighed a few tons (literally) they didn't complain a bit until I had them help me rearrange the living room. Then they both were frustrated by my indecisiveness. C'mon, men, it's just a couch, not a ten-ton rock!

I love the new platform for Hamlet, my dogs would love one, too. I think this is such a neat idea.

HolleyGarden said...

How nice to give him a perch of his own. And smart of you to design it to put the chest underneath! I move things around when I clean, too! Makes cleaning more exciting!