Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving Along

Took this photo this morning while watering. This bit of the loft garden seems to have revived from the cooler (only 90+ degree) temps. A bit of a cool front came through last night so maybe only high 80's for awhile now but no rain in sight.

I got into a bit of trouble with my landlord this summer. I sent an email to my neighbors scolding them for not taking their dogs out a little further than the door to do their "chores" as my sweetie calls it. I told them the heat was making the areas by the doorways quite fragrant and I was trying to counteract the scent by drenching the area with watered down orange oil. In return I received a scathing email stating they were appalled to receive my email (this from the worst of the offenders) and they always took their dog away from the building, and on and on. So my landlord says no more emails from me - let him know, he will handle the battles. Sheesh.

Which brings my story now to Fall Arts Goggle to be held October 8th. Earlier this year I talked my landlord (Eddie) into making the loft garden one of the venues in this small festival in the Near Southside of Fort Worth. Back in the fall of 2009 the building was opened to the Fall Arts Goggle and artists displayed inside the available apartments. The landscape outside was still post-renovation debris-ish. Fast-forward to today and the Arts Goggle will give folks a chance to see how far our little building has come.

January 2010

Today - September 26, 2011

A stage for bands will be set up on the building's dock (which is one apartment's "front porch") and artists booth spaces all around the parking lot. Probably will be a couple thousand in and out... Only this (South) side of the building will be open for the public. The East and North will be fenced off and the street is on the West side.

We even have a mural (in progress) in our stairwell. (Do you suppose the blue hair is me? My hair is still 98% brown... hmmm). The artist will be finished and showing it off during the festival.

So my landlord sits me down and says, "You know we expect thousands of people here."

"Yes, I know."

"They will be walking all over the plants. There will be trash everywhere."

"Yes, I know. Oh, I better secure the palm tree so it does not tip over in case some one leans on it."

"I don't want to hear you complain that the beds are torn up."

"Yes, Eddie, I know. This was my idea." I go on to explain. "You know I used to work at a nursery with beautiful gardens. The public would come by the hundreds and unfortunately trash the place from time to time. You see, the trash picks up and the plants can be replaced. My disappointment is from my neighbors. I expect the random public to not take care of a place they visit. I did expect more from my neighbors."

I am getting ready for thousands and wishing I could be adding more to the gardens as the temperatures are falling. The next few days will be spent in sprucing and weeding. Securing the palm tree, hoping the flamingos make it through. Not to worry, Eddie is rounding up volunteers to help with the carnage cleanup. It will be great.

See my tour of Fall Arts Goggle 2010.


HolleyGarden said...

Good luck. I hope no one tramples your garden, and perhaps put out a big garbage can? I can't believe that people would throw out trash, but I suppose they would! The place looks fabulous! What a great before and after. You've got things all planned out, and it sounds fabulous. I hope things go exceptionally well.

Carol said...

Hoping everything turns out fantastic for you and you have minimal damage to go with it. Wish I lived closer...I'd definitely come and visit :)

lemonverbenalady said...

Go TG! It looks great! People are just for themselves these days. Hopefully you will have kind visitors!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I gotta tell ya ~ you're living my dream life from a few years back. I so desperately wanted to buy a loft in Mpls! So, I'm loving these pictures. And, I know everything will turn out beautifully. Promise 2 posts? 1) all the good things? and, 2) that one annoying person who always shows up. Just teasing a bit...

Anonymous said...

Your garden should be fine and not trampled. Urban design principles dictate that a garden that is cared for and intentionally designed discourages destruction and litter. People act more 'civilized' in such a place having plants, shade, seating areas, and designated circulation. Good luck with the show and hope the visitors are considerate.

creekside rummager said...

You have taken on quite a lot and the garden is looking so good. I love the palm. Hope the event is fun.

Cat said...

How cool! I love the progression shots of how much your loft garden has changed. You've done an amazing job and your visitors will love it! Absolutely love the palm tree and flamingos! Good luck, TG!