Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving Along (Part 2)

This all started when negotiating the rental of the loft apartment. "If you let me have a corner of the property to put my 'stuff', let me plant my plants, I will take care of the grounds."

"My flamingos stay," his first response.

"Of course, we love yard art." (Win!)

I think my new landlord (Eddie) tuned me out when I said my last job involved roses. I told him I also did the company's internet marketing including a blog. "I could do a blog about the transformation around here." His ears perked up. "Fort Worth Dirt," he says. So, it began.

Took lots of "before" photos in January 2011 as we moved in. Developed a plan in my mind.

Nothing much happened until March 13th. A load of soil for the fire ring turned herb garden and the first load of cedar mulch was spread. Roses were transplanted (back of the bed) and herbs and onions planted. Even scored a plant hanger from the dumpster.

March 24th. A cedar pile waiting for the East side...

This pathway leads to the back door.
Stay on the pavers as this "soil" is nasty, sticky clay fill.

Poor drainage - someday a dry creek?

Then, a truck load of top soil.

A little order comes to the East side.

A berm to control the rainwater wash.

April 4th. Repair the break in my berm from a downpour.

April 6th. Two loads of crushed granite for mulch. Palm tree in place.

April 17th. Eddie has planted oregano and lavender around the edges,

and on April 17th - the roses were blooming!

June 20th. The berm is still holding. 100+ heat begins.

July 20th. Getting ready for vacation. Everybody in the shade.

July 30th. Staging area is getting bigger.

Much of the planting and placing fixtures has come to a dead stop due to the heat. The "berry boat" will definitely have to wait until a shade structure can be built. All the other plant purchases are sweating it out under the umbrellas.


HolleyGarden said...

You've made some big changes - and it looks fabulous. I noticed the flamingoes quietly left. I guess they melted in our extreme temperatures!

Marguerite said...

Okay, 'the flamingos stay' had me sold that I love your landlord. And the metal palm tree for the flamingos! beyond awesome. This area is looking so great already, you've really done a lot in a short spot of time.

Karen said...

Wow, Cindy, I'm in awe. You have worked so hard on this garden. I wish we lived closer so we could lend a hand. What an ambitious project. Hopefully the neighbors will discover what your upcoming visitors and your blog readers already know, this is a fantastic space and keeping it flourishing and growing and GORGEOUS will be such a win-win for them, too! Who wouldn't want to help tend such a lovely, serene space?

We're keeping our fingers crossed for you!