Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our side of town

2010 Fort Worth Arts Goggle - "A Near Southside Experience" (all the neighborhoods are named here, kinda cool actually.)

66 venues located in everything from machine shops to architect offices to old dry cleaners buildings. All kinds of music and all kinds of art (etsy crafts, fine art paintings, photography, demonstrations) were showcased all throughout the neighborhood.

I kept calling it Arts "Google" - it is "Goggle" hence the goggles on the poster. My sweetie said he overheard a woman say "What's with all the bras?" (I guess the goggles look like artsy bras...)

Landers Machine Shop had vendors selling fine jewelry to fine art. This was a fun mix of the old (but clean) machine shop with the colors and textures of the arts.

Entertainment included jugglers and there was a band in an other room.

A crafted booth with a little film noir presentation.

The dry cleaners building will be opening soon as one of the new brew houses in the neighborhood.

Sorry this is so dark as there was very little lighting in the brew tank area.

Hattie May Inn - Bed and Breakfast was a stop on the tour showcasing art and fine jewelry.

Glass art demonstrations...

more art in the making...

The barber shop was open but did not have any artists. The art inside was all from the barbers.

Yes, that is a pool table and this little shop was alive with music from the juke box in the corner. I have not been in many barber shops but this one has to be the most fun ever.

I do not think Rhodes Used Cars is open anymore. Its tiny location could only hold half a dozen cars but this night it was alive with a band, paintings and a clay artist.

It was a beautiful night and it was a great event to showcase the revitalization of our side of town.


creekside rummager said...

Looks like a fun time. Interesting places. I liked the old buildings.

Kate said...

Your side of town is very cool. Great people, fun art and cool buildings to boot. I'll bet everyone had a terrific time.

lemonverbenalady said...

We have a Southside in Pittsburgh that's sort of arty as well! Great minds think alike!