Monday, June 27, 2011

Trinity River Treasures

The Trinity River upstream from Downtown Fort Worth

The Trinity River runs over 700 miles from just south of the famous Red River through Fort Worth, Dallas, north of Houston down to Galveston Bay into the Gulf of Mexico. The Trinity River itself is not as well known throughout country or even our state but is in the process of a great metamorphosis.

The West and Clear forks of the Trinity River

Trinity River Corridor (Dallas) Project as well as nature enthusiasts are endorsing the Trinity River as a destination to enjoy many river activities. A blog called Dallas Trinity Trails covers the "less traveled, low-traffic areas for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding" all along the Trinity River within Dallas.

Old FW Light & Power Plant (left) and Tarrant County Courthouse (right)

Workers were installing a shade structure for bands to entertain "floaters". Part of a summer entertainment series sponsored by a local radio station and Trinity River Vision Authority. TRVA along with several other organizations plan to develop this area north of downtown as "uptown" along the river creating "a vibrant urban waterfront neighborhood.*"

This couple watched to see what all the commotion was to bring.

This is the view of the float last Thursday listening to the tunes of Bleu Edmondson (from New Braunfels - of course we had to go).

When I told of my river trip I was reminded of:

This monster alligator (14' long, almost 900 pounds) from the Trinity River in Leon County Texas (between Dallas and Houston) just recently...

and stories of record setting captures of the alligator gar in the waters of the Trinity River. I may not be joining the "floaters" anytime soon.

I will save my "floating" for the cool clean comfort of the 2.5 miles of the Comal River of New Braunfels.

Hope you are enjoying some good weather and outdoor summer activities wherever you are.


lemonverbenalady said...

I hope no one was "floating" where that gator was floating, TG! Beautiful river photos as usual.

creekside rummager said...

OMG TG - that alligator would keep me from being any where near the river.

Karen said...

I didn't know Texas has alligators...good heavens!

It's a great idea though, to have the float. I love the bridge, too.

Tufa Girl said...

I will not be waiting for the call from the Trinity River tourism office (if there was one) supporting my blog. Yeah, I will just be enjoying the Trinity from the safety of the banks.

lifeshighway said...

WOW, Texas has gators! I had no idea but of course they have to be freakin' big gators.

Probably has a star tatoo on it somewhere.

Carol said...

Holy Toledo! That's definitely a "Texas" sized Gator!! I'd probably be on the banks with you too.

Anonymous said...

I too did not know Texas had gators. One that size would truly be scary. My husband has two alligator gars as pets.I wonder how big they get.

Cat said...

I could use a bit of floatin on the Comal right about now...thanks for planting the seed ;)