Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How this project started

I have always liked the look of a chandelier. Our home in New Braunfels did not lend itself to anything more than a lamp kit on a ceiling fan. The ceiling height was only 8 feet so the ceiling fan and light were good enough.

Then I discovered:

Decals! Somehow my sweetie was not on the glee train with me.

Since we were in the process of finishing the house for sale and not for us - I decided he had made a good decision.

As I had time on my hands, finishing the remodel and then the storm damage repair, I dipped my toe into the world of decorating blogs.

I like this grouping (Collage Chandelier by David Wiseman)
but it would be lost on our 16'+ ceilings at the loft apartment.

I am really not one for the high fashion type blogs. I found myself visiting the industrial, rustic and rusty types, where I discovered the art of re-fashioning items into chandeliers.

Sometimes the blogs are close to home! These photos are from "House Wren" which will be opening July 1st in Wimberley Texas. (Click on the source link to view their blog.) Alas, 200+ miles away, may have to postpone the trip until after the excellent adventure to Minnesota/Wisconsin in August (more about that later). But, if you can go, report back!

When my mother-in-law was visiting the other day, I found this while we were out shopping:

Got an eye-roll from my sweetie.

Also, during the visit, my mother-in-law noticed holes on either side of the skylight opening. These holes are now being filled by a steel pipe which will hold:

The beginnings of my new rusty chandelier.

My sweetie and I found this old fan shroud at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, recently. Just imagine it hanging from its back with a light source and shiny bits dripping off.

I plan on moving the dining room table here where the chandelier will provide a light source when it is dark outside. (I know, I know... my walls are terribly white. Aren't they? Moving stuff from storage slowly and the furniture moving trip to MN/WI will be more conducive to decorating the walls.)

Just in case my mother-in-law is reading this... I have included a photo of the air potato vine (Dioscorea batatas or Dioscorea oppositifolia) I planted while she was here.

It has a permanent place now as it's twine has been securely attached to the window frame above. I will post more photos of its progress.

So, for now, the fan shroud has a place of honor with the other projects I must accomplish. I need to do some more shopping and find the right shiny bits to make it perfect. Are you shopping for pieces/parts to complete a project, too?


Casa Mariposa said...

I love your new project! I'm in the middle of making a mosaic out of a big ugly pot. I bought a bunch of ceramic/china plates at the Salvation Army and have been breaking them and using a mortar mix to stick them to the pot. So far so good! Breaking plates is incredibly cathartic!

Carol said...

I have so many projects goinjg it would take me forever to list...but I did just finish a rusty chandelier for my deck. I'm loving it and will hopefully post about it today.

Marguerite said...

ALWAYS shopping for bits and pieces. When we moved into our house last year we had sold all our furniture for the cross country move (kept only necessities) so starting from scratch there. Auctions, yard sales, re-store, second hand stores, we visit them constantly. In addition, hubby makes furniture often reusing old furniture. The downside is we have A LOT of bits in the basement and garage waiting their turn to be spruced up!

creekside rummager said...

I loved your post. Great ideas. You know, I am totally with you re rust,etc. This MN/WS trip sounds interesting too. I'm eager to learn more. I think I buy pieces I like and then figure out a project for them.

Karen said...

Wisconsin, you say? Well, stop in and visit us!

As for projects...I have more projects than sense but I love to look at what other people are accomplishing. I have a 'few' lamps around the house, lol, and another one on the worktable waiting for me to get back to it. (1986 pieces of glass, what was I thinking?)

I can't wait to see the results of your new chandelier project. Hope you have a great weekend.

Shyrlene said...

Tufa Girl - this is a super-righteous post!! I just LOVE "House Wren" and the treasure trove of goodies. You are incredibly creative with ideas (and have a killer sense of humor about your husband's reactions to your creativity). I'll have to send you a picture of my 'sample color' in my kitchen... I keep making it bigger to give "someone" a hint I want it painted!! ("someone" is the house 'painter') ;D

P.S. I just found my "Kentucky Derby-esque" wedding hat... I think there HAS to be somewhere in my 'shabby-chic' 3-Season room it could work.