Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rusty Springs, Population 5*

A couple years ago, creeksiderummager (who has since quit blogging) had a photo of one of her gardens using bed springs as a support for her vines.  Well, having spent much of my previous life scavenging through old rusty stuff, I was certain I would soon have one for my very own garden.

Kind of like this, only creeksiderummager's was cuter. (Please, I mean no offense.)
Want more bed springs art?  Pinterest: here

Then, in April 2011, Life's Highway and I saw this bed spring made into a fabulous blue jeweled arbor during the Austin Art Yards tour.  Yes, I have been looking for awhile...

Back to today.  We took only a short drive this morning as I wanted to get a few more things done around the loft garden.  (We worked at least 10 hours in and around the loft garden, yesterday.  It is tired out.) Got some excellent rain this morning (Thank you, God) so I did not have to water the gardens today but boy, howdy, for 77 degrees the humidity was pretty unbearable.  Made our 2 stops and then I suggested going to the antique mall to see if we could find our neighbor's (Jane's Secret Place) booth and enjoy some more air conditioning.

Found a couple funnels, and a chicken house fixture (? - I'm thinking - lamp?) and 


For now, it will be the replacement for the current trellis system for this tender passionflower (yes, I am hoping it will take over).  I would like a nice screen from the summer sun and a way to keep this passionflower happy and blooming inside next winter.

"Rusty Springs, Population 5*?" you ask.

When I took the tag to check out, the fellow at the register reads "'Rusty Springs', ugh. That sounds like a tough place to live."   (Kind of like Cedar Springs, only Rusty Springs... get it? - Not to worry, my sweetie did not get it at first.)

I think I have discovered the name for our castle:

"Rusty Springs" 
Not a tough place to live - just "rusty" in decor.

5* - counting 2 dogs and 1 cat


Shirley Fox said...

Good find and fun tag. I like the photo with the blue bottles and it'll be fun seeing how it fits in the loft garden.

I just added a rusty bed frame a friend gave me (free!) so I'm headed in that direction too.

creekside rummager said...

Yea!! So glad you finally found the bed springs and it looks like a particularly good one. Love all the photos on this blog.

Carol said...

Love it!!!! Had a great set of Rusty Springs behind the shed...but they disappeared in the basement purge...when I commented rather firmly that I didn't want those thrown out I was informed they weren't on my list of things not to toss. My reply was "they weren't in the basement and that was where we purging...NOT BEHIND THE SHED!" I'll find another one or maybe two :)

HolleyGarden said...

Sounds like a great place to hunt for antiques. So glad you finally got some bedsprings for a trellis. What a great idea. I love the tag and I like the new name for your home.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Those are great bed springs, wish I had some, I have been looking for quite a time for some like those.

Casa Mariposa said...

Very clever! Love it! :o)