Saturday, April 20, 2013

On the Streets of Fort Worth

My landlord's next project.  This building's bottom floor will be commercial and the top two floors will be rental lofts.  The street was decommissioned and is now part of the building's property.

This is just part of the trees for today's project.  (Now, you can see how poorly this photo turned out. I will have better photos of the "after" to post later and on

The street will be part of the ambiance for the bar as a beer garden, the landlord thinks all these trees are going to make shade in August.  It will help but clearly not be the total cooling solution.   The tree company's crew was quite busy all day planting 19 trees total for the streetscape part of the building's renovation.  When renovating a building in town,  you must include street lamps and trees around all the property.  Nice in theory, but when overhead power lines and underground utilities exist, your project begins to look a little cobbled together.  (Then when the trees grow and get into the overhead lines the power company will cut them down... city hall makes little sense sometimes.)  So all planted in, tree trucks leave, the other trades quickly took to parking next to the trees.  No after photo to be had.

  Hey, it's still early, let's get to the Main Street Art Festival before the crowd!

We beat the crowd.

The festival is all of maybe 8 blocks from the loft. This is not your everyday arts festival, projects are big and a bit spendy.  There is everything for every taste, including wimsy.
There is photography.  Hey, wait...what?  I had to stop to take a photo.  

Being a part of an arts festival community, I frown on folks taking photos of one's art.  Too many copy cat wannabe's out there.

Here I am now living in Fort Worth, a girl who spent more than a quarter of her life in Central Texas in and around the historic dance halls of Luckenbach, Gruene, etc. to see a guy from New York state selling photos of Luckenbach, Gruene Hall, etc.  I hear twilight zone music in my head.

Did I mention wimsy?

There was more to see but duty calling we needed to head back home to get things secured before nightfall.

What, Sweetie?  On the walk home my sweetie stops and looks up.

A sparrow all fluffed up for the chilly night ahead.  Singing a tune.

There is a sparrow inside each of the panther's mouth's mouths.  Some are more photogenic than others.

Our first discovery was a little nervous and kept flying to a nearby tree then back to rest on the panther's ear.  We are easily entertained. 

Back home, trades are gone.  Vanity shot. 

Landlord say grand opening will be Memorial Day weekend.  As I keep promising.... more photos to come.


HolleyGarden said...

Sounds like you're working hard! And what wonderful homes for the sparrows! I'd want to have my nest there, too!

Marguerite said...

Love all the brickwork on that building and cobblestone street. What a great base to start from, it'll look great when finished. Although I hear you on the trees and powerlines. Why are cities forever planting trees and then cutting them into lopsided shapes when they interfere with power lines?

HolleyGarden said...
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