Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bit of a Chill

Rain is always welcome in the loft garden. The front currently working its way east also brought our 80 degree temps down to 46 and the northwest wind makes it 37 . Brrr.

Rains have brought a street planting project at my landlord's next building to a stop. Trees could not be brought in due to the storm and now the holes are filled with water. Work will proceed early tomorrow and I promise photos.

Take a moment to say a prayer for the folks in West, Texas. Just stopped in their little community this last Saturday (only an hour's drive south).  How much a world can change in a mattter of moments.

Hope all is well where you are.


Cat said...

Welcome cold and rain here too. Not complaining one bit but I'm glad the succulents are still in the garage - they probably wouldn't like tonight's lows.

Yes, praying and sending lots of love and encouragement to the folks in West. So tragic. We stop there often on our way up to Dallas to see family. Best little Chez stop.

HolleyGarden said...

I've never been to West, but I can not imagine the horror they are going through. As for the rain, it is coming through here today. Very excited - have gotten over 1 inch already! Wahoo! Like Cat, I have several plants in my garage waiting to be planted, but I wanted this cold front to get through first. It's amazing the difference in the temperatures, isn't it!

Shirley Fox said...

Terrible tragedy for the people in West. I don't think I've been there. We are only just beginning to hear their stories. Of course they will be remembered.

We've had rain here too, and it is welcomed.

I'm headed up to New Braunfels tomorrow to attend a talk by Robbie at Hill Country Gardens. It's going to be chilly.

Karen said...

Hi Cindy, It must be so hard to get used to temps in the 80's only to go back to the 40's. We're just staying cold, lol.

So sad to see the destruction in West. My heart goes out to them.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!