Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Took the Day Off & Went to the Fair

I live in the retail world, so I should say my sweetie took the day off and we got in on opening day.
(Note:  I started this post on 9/30/12.  It's 10/9/12 now!)

Big Tex turns 60 this year.  A good look back at his beginnings as a Santa at this site.

Would not miss the auto show.

Got here early enough this year to see the livestock.

Lovely planting everywhere. Great for getting some ideas for the hot loft garden.

I love the ponies here.

I never saw this display before. Good idea if you need a carrousel pony for your garden.

Went to the opening day of the bird show. Got a peek into the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Next time you go to the fair be certain to ride the ferris wheel next to where they hold the birds for the show.

First attempt at music with a video. This is probably one reason why it took me so long to do this posting. (apparently I am not done... fixing the settings.... one moment please, good time to get some popcorn? Hopefully, this is working. Leave a comment if it is not. Well, you can leave a comment anyways...)

Where ever does the time go?  Must devote more time to blogging and blog reading. Will give up the video career...  TG


Carol said...

The video was beautiful!! I haven't been to a State Fair in years...as in decades. Used to live in Springfield Illinois and went every year.

HolleyGarden said...

The chinese lantern display was beautiful. And I loved the music along with your video. At first, I didn't realize the bulls were part of the lantern display. I don't usually think of bulls and China together! We had thought about going to the fair this year, but allergies (husbands) prevented us. Thanks for the photos. I really must get a carousel pony for my garden!

Karen said...

Well, congratulations on making a perfectly wonderful video complete with lovely music. At first I thought those longhorns were loose (and real) and then when I saw them lit up I was relieved there weren't running amok.

I've never seen so many Chinese lanterns, what a display. Someday I will venture to our state fair. This year we didn't even go to our county one. Three miles away....I know just what you mean about where did the time go?

Randy Hyden said...

Thanks for the tour, I haven`t been to the SFOT since `73 ! I have little excuse as I only live 90 miles south. Great vid and great post! As usual.

Marguerite said...

Music and video worked perfectly. What a huge ferris wheel that is, I'd love to take a ride on that one. The picture of the carosel is fantastic, great shot.