Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Little of This, Too Little of That

The birdbath below is full of rain water. It has been drippy drizzly cold for the last 5 days. (Yes, I am counting.) The weather here has been in the low thirties today and I found frozen water in a pot saucer on the north side of the building. These last few cold days have have not bothered me too much - I think I am finally used to the cold weather and remember how many layers to wear each day.

The roses are still blooming, mexican mint marigold in the herb ring is (finally) blooming. Got 2 acorns off the burr oak tree (left) and am loving the colors on the maple tree and the caster bean.

Creekside Rummager found this great photo of a Christmas tree made out of funnels (on Pinterest). This photo was motivation for a day at the local antique mall (warm and dry inside). Not that I was going to find anything that we could actually afford but a great way to spend the day.

Sparkley idea for an crystal ice bucket.
I used to have one... probably in storage.

Corn basket (?) chandelier - cute idea to steal. This one was marked $650.

Found a funnel - this one has a very nice sieve also - $95

Note to Creekside Rummager: I have not found any great places like you have out there. The search for funnels here may be futile.

I did tell my sweetie if Santa needed a suggestion - this double boiler is $15.

I did make one purchase.- a rusty snowflake - to add to the collection.

I am easily amused.


Carol said...

I love going to antique malls and store. Once in a great while I even find a bargain that I can afford :0)

HolleyGarden said...

Love your snowflakes! Those prices seem a bit - pricey. And I hate that the weather has finally turned - wintery!

creekside rummager said...

TG - I know they have funnels in Texas - don't give up. Maybe in the spring at some good old flea markets. You could check out some old car mechanics garages and see if they have any old metal funnels around. And just to give credit where it is due, I found the funnel photo at Old Soul Studios Pinterest. Theses friends have the best eyes for good creative junk.

Cat said...

I'm easily fascinating and amused by shadows too! They're downright fun! Did you get any snow? My daughter is in Sherman and she woke up to snow yesterday morning! Seems like she is in a whole different time zone up there - lol. Your garden is looking really good. Hang on to your burr oak acorns - they are cool.

Karen said...

Oh, the prices at the antique stores sometimes amaze me. I mean, really? Do they want to sell the stuff or just have people come in and stare at their hoard? Sorry, just a bit of a rant here, lol.

I love the idea of the funnel tree, it's really cute. And the light up chandelier would look really neat outside if I could find something to suspend it from. It would make quite the statement from afar.