Wednesday, October 19, 2011

W4W - Evolution of a Fair

125 years of the State Fair of Texas

Big Tex, an icon of the Fair but only since 1952. The big guy wears clothes by Dickie and are changed every 3 years. This version of Big Tex was introduced in 1999.

The Texas Star is the tallest Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere. Introduced in 1985, the wheel’s incandescent lighting system was replaced with a longer-lasting, more energy-efficient LED lighting system in 2008.

The only state fair to include a full blown auto show began in 1904 is now housed in two buildings, out on the fair park lawn, a truck zone and includes a test drive track. Here are some of our favorites this year.

Concept cars: Stingray for Chevrolet.

New cars: Veloster the new 3 door car from Hyundai

We are not foreign car buyers (its that USA thing, sorry) but this $17,300 (msrp) got my sweetie's attention. Roomy, great gas mileage, sporty and 2 big dogs will fit in back.

This one has room for compost in the back.

The fair will come to an end this year on Sunday so my sweetie took a day vacation so we could see all of the fair.

Seeing all of the fair includes finding this old marquee now well inside the fair grounds.

This sign inside the old livestock coliseum which now houses merchandise for sale.

The Earthkind Rose display. These roses were doing very well.

The children's garden using the "new" raised bed technique. How gardening has changed.

To the concept of gardening in a kit.

How the bee could change our lives.

In 1934 Fair Park was selected as central location for the proposed Texas Centennial celebration. As construction was being completed on the "Hall of State" no state fair was scheduled in 1935.

From the historic plaque: "Texanic in proportion and centennial in character".

The revival of the vineyard has made a great impact on the agriculture of Texas as well as big impression on the State Fair. The wine garden became all Texan in 2010 to celebrate the state's thriving wine industry. Texas' wine industry is nothing to compare to the even the smallest of France's grape regions but grapes have been a part of Texas history since the Spanish missionaries' arrival back in the 1600's.

A new greenhouse in 2010 includes a garden railway. The backyard garden has evolved into a place not just to relax but a place to showcase your hobbies. This year I noticed "windmills" have been added to the landscape just like our evolving countryside.

Many things of the State Fair of Texas seem to remain the same. The swans in the lagoon in front of the Star.

The shelves of prize winners.

The view over the fair grounds to Dallas ever evolving on the horizon.

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keewee said...

Now that is what I call a State fair. I would love to see it sometime, but Texas is a long way from here.

Donna said...

Quite the State fair. NY's state fair is very large and here where I live in central NY. I have never seen a car show or rides that stay put at a state fair. Our rides come and go due to weather, but we do have an impressive horse arena, buildings for everything and every livestock imaginable...and what would a state fair be without a wine garden...but we do not have a mascot and yours is quite impressive...loved reading about the history of the fair's evolution.

Carol said...

It's been years since I've been to a State Fair. Yours in Texas look impressive .

Anonymous said...

125 years? That is one long hootn' of a time. I like Big Tex, what a handsome devil. I am a Jeep girl, but that concept vehicle, not so much. Do love the corvette though. Thanks for joining and adding the history of the fair.

HolleyGarden said...

What a fun post. Fairs are fun, but the State Fair really does have something for everyone. Love Big Tex!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Wow...they seem to have everything. I love state much to see. Thanks for sharing and great W4W!

Cathy and Steve said...

State and county fairs are so iconically "American" ... indeed, they document the evolution of our nation. I really enjoyed your post! We have a friend in TX that we visit... we'll have to plan a visit around "fair" time!

Andrea said...

Now, this is a different example of evolution, everyone loves going to the fair!

Marguerite said...

The shelves of preserves are awesome! I like the bee presentation, still not enough people realize the importance of bees.

Indie said...

How fun! I have heard so many great things about the Texas fair!
I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so getting to go to the North Carolina State fair is a great treat for me now that I live near Raleigh. I love seeing all the exhibits! And of course seeing all the things they can deep fry :)

Shyrlene said...

State Fair! Cool!! The 'car show' at the fair is very different, but that Mopar Jeepster is sweeeeeet! (I was so happy to see you blogging over here again - 'awesome sauce' (as my college jr. likes to say).

Autumn Belle said...

This is nice and interesting!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

See... I'd get remarried if I could meet a guy like Big Tex -- so I only had to do his laundry once every 3 years... :))