Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Randon Weekend Photos

The tree on IH 30 - now wears a birdhouse - (It has been a bit windy, lately.)

Nice place for wedding photos? Across the street from the loft garden.

Checking out a new (to me) nursery. Love this espaliered Japanese Maple.

Planting gutters seem to be catching on. What did I buy?

Actually, my sweetie wanted these red pentas. Here they are all potted up.

This is a replacement for one I lost this winter.*

No, I am not replacing with the exact same plants.
But, how can I resist these flowers?

* Looking for the botanical name... Common name of Blue Butterfly Clerodendron? Perhaps someone out in blogland can help.


creekside rummager said...

Ok - I have lots of comments. Love the wedding photo - nice job of juxtaposition of the fancy limo and the "unfancy" building. Love the espalier. I have seen this done with apple trees recently. I do love the gutter idea - I've got to remember to try it. That last little flower is so beautiful. I haven't seen it before. Thanks.

Vetsy said...

Love the Japanese maple and the plants in the gutter. All the photos' were fun photos thanks for sharing.

HolleyGarden said...

I had to laugh at the birdhouse. Yes, it's been horribly windy here! How fun to find a new nursery. Love that maple!

Shyrlene said...

That last plant is incredible... love it! (Very cool random photos.)

BTW - did you see the 'on the edge of your seat' drama spinning on Life's Hwy today?! Who could possibly ransom a 'poor, helpless' gnome? :-o ("Oh, the huge manatee?!")

Anonymous said...

Very cool random images. Love the tree and the wedding photo. Gutters, well a little redneck for me.