Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bluebonnets at 65 mph

You have to take a few photos for bluebonnets to be somewhat recognizable for a blog posting.

Quick trip to Ikea and back before my sweetie had to be to work.

Seems like the bluebonnets are early this year (this far north)?

Maybe it was all the snow on the ground here in February.

Yellow on the fence here are Lady Banks roses. Beautiful.

Isn't Spring grand?

Back in my old 'hood, yellow and white Lady Banks artfully trained on this archway. I wrote about this little place when we first started looking for a home in Fort Worth.


Casa Mariposa said...
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Casa Mariposa said...

We don't have bluebonnets here but do have bluebells blooming soon. The last time I was in an Ikea I thought I was going to have to use a GPS to find my way out. And I didn't even get a discount for being Swedish. Geez!

creekside rummager said...

Love the Lady Banks. I enlarged the picture to see more of them.
Your mention of IKEA reminded me I always want to go there, but the closest one is nearly an hour away and I just never do it.

HolleyGarden said...

Aren't the bluebonnets beautiful this year? I love driving around this time of year to see them in bloom.

Karen said...

Bluebonnets at any speed are a hit with me! So good to see the flowering beauties on the freeway. More snow here for us!

Tufa Girl said...

Casa Mariposa - I don't know why you deleted your comment - I would be angry too since you could not pull off the Swedish cousin discount.

Ladies, I hate to tell you this but the Ikea is about an hour and a toll way (or two) trip for me. Once you have been there you will realize it was worth the trip. Plan an spending a bit of time the first time you go, though.

HolleyGarden and Karen, I think the lack of rain but the early snow really brought out the color this year. Karen, you will probably have outstanding Spring bloom - when the snow melts.

lifeshighway said...

Hey, is the cute little place on my grand tour of yard art heaven next month?

Tufa Girl said...

Life's Highway - it is right down the street, we can do it!