Monday, April 4, 2011

6 Hours Later

The wind changed to the North and we got over an inch of rain. Suddenly, the grass is greener and the skies are bluer.

It is colder again - going to be 42 degrees tonight. Will this winter ever end?

The photo is of a viburnum at my part-time seasonal nursery job. It is wonderful to see Spring in a new part of the world.

Counting down... 11 days and counting until the famous "A Weekend in April" tour begins! Get a glimpse of the map here.


Carol said...

Yesterday we were at 89° and today we are at 46° and wet again :( It's starting to get depressing for sure. My favorite plant source opened over the weekend and it's to wet and chilly to even think about going today.

Cat said...

We barely got any rain...a sprinkling. We are in desperate need of rain. Very windy and lows in the 40's tonight...brrr. Lovely spring shot.

lifeshighway said...

81 here today and I am totally psyched for the Arts Yard Festival.

HolleyGarden said...

It rained here today. I was so thankful. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to rain again! It has been extremely hot to get cold again - but I never feel comfortable that we are free of a freeze until after Easter, which is quite late this year. Your picture is beautiful.

Tufa Girl said...

The roller coaster does seem to end after dreaded "The Easter Snap". There is always a terrific front that comes through on Easter weekend. It does not matter whether Easter is early or late in the year. Some times with freezing temps, some times with hail and tornadoes.

It does seem like Texas is a hot dry planet where it never rains.