Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fair Weather Friend?

It seems I am a bad weather friend, you know - only reading postings while I am cooped up inside. With the house sale, house reconstuction, a move, another move, and winter retreating - the shackles have been removed. "I'm free!" This week the sun was calling my name. My blog posting and blog reading has truly suffered this week.

It is not that I have not gotten up early every day this week. Demolition begins at dawn on the building next door.


After- No word on what the building will finally become.

Also, this week: a little computer work for my previous employer and I got a part time (seasonal) job at a local nursery. Saturday, my sweetie and I ran about town picking up supplies for the loft garden and managed to pass this gathering:

It seems Fort Worth has its own Amazing Race.

1-1/2 yards of cedar mulch on one of the beds -
need a little more to finish it out

Sunday will find me planting some herbs and annuals I have accumulated this past week. Hope to get most if not all of my roses in the ground (somewhere). I am pre-sprouting some of my caster bean seed stache inside. I think their large red leaves will be spectacular against the concrete building.

Making hay while the sun is shining. Catch you later!


Carol said...

I love caster bean plants! I had one grow to 20 feet a couple of years ago. It was awesome. A part time job at a nursery would be a not-for-profit job for me. Working at Home Depot is becoming that too :-/

Tufa Girl said...

Carol, it keeps my skills up and me off the streets!

lemonverbenalady said...

Sending positive energy to you both! It's looking good TG and after the herbs get in the ground, it will look even better.:}

creekside rummager said...

I've never seen a caster bean plant, but it sounds interesting. Hey T girl have fun outside. I'll be thinking of you as we are rained in this week.

HolleyGarden said...

I know what you mean! I've been outside weeding, weeding, weeding, so I feel like I'm behind on everything else. It will be interesting to see what goes up next door. I hope it's something fun!

Anonymous said...

A lot of rain this week will keep me in, but hopefully it washes away the snow.

Cat said...

I right there with you...busy, busy, busy...but oh, how nice it is to be out digging in the garden beds! Have fun.

Karen said...

I envy you working in the garden already! Please think of us less-privileged snowbound folks and send a warm breeze to waft our way. Your garden looks so nice already. I always start my castor beans in the house, too, but mine never get much more than 6-7 feet tall. I bet in your garden they double that number easily. Congratulations on the new job, too.

lifeshighway said...

I am very curious of the caster bean plant, too. I hope you had a great weekend and we get to see some pictures really soon.

I tend to disappear during fair weather, myself.