Thursday, June 10, 2010

Curb Appeal

From this (Saturday):
To this (Wednesday):
Quite the storm.... Thunder and lightening all night but the heavy rain was mostly on the west side of town. Then around 7:30 in the morning in my neighborhood....

View out my front door about 7:45 am Wednesday.

The front yard was a lake all the way across the street to the neighbor's house. Then the trees started falling.

Luckily (?) this tree missed my Jeep (which was not parked in the garage as it should have been during severe weather as this).

View out the back bedroom window through the screen. This big tree would have taken out the house completely but thankfully spared us and the neighbor.

Damage assessment. Skies are clearing.

The tree at the front door hits the tree on the side which goes into the neighbor's house. Electric out all over the neighborhood as this scene appears all over the neighborhood.

So at about 10 am I realize the water has receded from the neighborhood except under this tree. It seems the tree has crushed the water line to the house. I can only imagine the next water bill. (This photo taken later in the day as the tree kept moving.)

Less than one block away (downhill) the Guadalupe River is raging. (Oh, I forgot to mention during all the rain the flood sirens were blaring.)

The Comal River as it flows next to one of the Schlitterbahn park areas.

The Guadalupe River just under Interstate 35 - this photo taken just 4 miles upstream from the house.

All the San Antonio news stations flew over at one time or another.

Luckily we have the same insurance agent and insurance as the neighbor sharing our tree. A couple calls later we get these great folks....

who know a guy passing through town with a really big crane. They got started at about 3:00 and made these mammoth trees look like easy work.

This part of the front yard clean-up done at about 6:30.

Today, we hope to get the rest of the stump cleared out to locate the water line. Hopefully, we will have water soon.
Photos of the back yard my sweetie took from the roof. This is one tree on the right. There are about 3 - 5 trees under it.

Totally missed the new shed and all my potted plants. The roses are underneath the big tree. We will have to see how they fare later. Kriewaldt Tree says they will be out sometime tomorrow to start on this mess. Looks like a 10-14 trees total down in the yard (only one from the neighbor).

Anyone want to buy a house?


lemonverbenalady said...

WOW TG! So glad you are OK! What a time to have this happen, but it looks like you got the right people in the right combination to get things fixed, but not what you needed! You just don't know, do you?

Stone Art said...

My god, I dont think I will ever complain about the bad weather we get in Ireland again. Glad to hear every one is ok. I guess you only really become aware of how many trees you have when there laying all over your house and garden. Best of luck with getting it all sorted!

lifeshighway said...

So glad you are OK and did not get injured in the storm. I had no idea of the damage to your home and to the area. I know this could not have been a worse time for you but try to keep yourself sane.

creekside rummager said...

So sorry - what a mess. Glad you are OK. But it's a lot of work ahead. And it's not like you can replace large shade trees overnight. My best wishes go out to you.