Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was supposed to be furniture shopping...

I had not been by Jerry's World lately (aka Cowboy Stadium). With all the hoopla of the 02.06.11 event in the air I thought I would do a drive by.

Things have certainly changed quite a bit. New facade.

Every bit of parking areas seems to have some sort of party tenting in place.

I wonder where everyone will park?


YayaOrchid said...

Looks like you'll have perfect football weather- I love it when there's a chill in the air! I wonder what it's like living in the Dallas area? Hope you're having a great time there.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

My son and husband took a tour recently and couldn't believe the stadium! I still haven't seen it but it's on my list of things to do...hope Dallas is playing better next year!

lifeshighway said...

um, so is there a superbowl coming? From the Whimiscal Gardener's comment I assume Dallas is not playing?

Sorry horse people are notorious for not paying attention to other sports.