Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here They Come!

I took this photo of the Chisolm Trail Mural,
located in downtown Fort Worth, one day in September last year.

Today, the area is abuzz with ESPN
(a national sports broadcasting company) trailers, media trucks, etc.

It is so news worthy, the local television station is filming.

These two parking lots will be the hub of all the ESPN programming January 31st through February 6th. It's all part of this thing called Super Bowl in North Texas.

"North Texas, you say? I thought it was in Dallas..." The Super Bowl is bigger than Dallas, this year.

You should just hear the news each night. The "Dallas Cowboy's" stadium is actually located in Arlington, Texas. It seems the Mayor of Arlington is a bit miffed at the national oversight... The previous homefield of the Dallas Cowboys was the Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The Mayor of Irving finds this all very amusing as he put up with this mis-communication for years. Anyways...

FOX is actually broadcasting the game (in Arlington) and ESPN has made downtown Fort Worth its communication central for the week leading up to the game. Dallas' Convention Center will be home to the National Football League's interactive theme park known as the NFL Experience. All areas in between will host parties, etc. for various groups, the teams playing, league officials, corporate sponsors -- all that comes with this thing called Super Bowl.

Tickets for the game average $3,678. Suites are going for $250,00 and up. Am I going? I will be watching from the comfort of my living room where there is plenty of room and no one is spilling beer on me.

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Anonymous said...

Go Cowboys and Eagles! Not a Bills fan here.

lifeshighway said...

not a football fan, but go cows running through the middle of town!