Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oxblood on the move

Got the grass mowed and trimmed at the southern house this weekend. Took the opportunity to clean up some flower beds that a new home owner would probably not want. Then my sweetie took it to mean "take out" the flower bed (which is still a sore subject) so I decided to go to the back yard and save the oxblood lilies from destruction.

I was please to see the tractors from my June adventure had not totally buried them. Now if I can just get them in the truck before my sweetie gets around back....

Got my shovel in just barely deep enough. I got these from a friend of ours. The same place the berry boat lived. Too bad my friend could not keep the place as it was a treasure hunt for certain. Anyways.... it is not the time to dig and divide but when the weedeater is on the move....

Got them all replanted and sitting at the Fort Worth house. Hope they like their transition home until the new castle is found.

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lifeshighway said...

I came here for Tufa and left Tufa-less. I like the new format on Tufa Things but I cannot leave a comment. Something weird with the captcha.

I like the new look on Tufa Things.