Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"He sent a boat, a helicopter...."

A little town is under a great deluge of rain and the citizens must leave their homes for higher ground. In one house is a man on bended knee saying a little prayer and he knows that God will show him the way.

The sheriff goes up and down each street telling folks to leave as quickly as possible. The sheriff sees the man out on his porch watching the rain and tells him he must leave. "Are you waiting for someone, can I get you a ride?" The man answers, "No, God will provide."

Flooding begins, water starts entering the homes and the man must climb to the top of his house to escape the water. Water rescue boats are sweeping through the streets and go by the man's home, they call to him, "Quick, get in. We have room for one more in our boat." The man answers, "God will provide" and he waves them away.

In a short amount of time a dam breaks upstream and water has engulfed the town and a helicopter swoops down on the man's house and they drop him a ladder. The man pushes the ladder away and sits down on his roof, "God will provide," he says under his breath.

Later, at the pearly gates, the man meets St. Peter. "What happened? Why did He let me drown?" St. Peter looked at the man and said. "He did provide. He sent a Sheriff, a boat and a helicopter."

So, as you know I have asked for St. Joseph for assistance for my home sale. Sounds a little sacrilegious to most but comes with proof from those who believe.

A little back story... Last April/May, my sweetie had interviewed for a position in San Antonio which would have allowed us to stay in the area. The interview went well but the manager in charge did not make it to the meeting and my sweetie felt a little disappointed with this. No word about the job and then we learned the company was closing a facility in Florida and moving people here. We realized that job was not going to happen. Time goes on and my sweetie gets "the job" in Fort Worth and you know the rest of that story....

Just recently, the interviewer of the San Antonio job calls and says, "We never hired anyone, we were so busy with the realignment. Now we are ready, we want you." My sweetie was flattered but tells him that he has "the job" and a lease, and a house, life is a little too expensive to take this job. The interviewer says he understands and says he will tell management to get ready to make an offer.

Tuesday, last week, the interviewer calls and leaves my sweetie a message. Wednesday, St, Joseph arrives. My sweeties speaks to the interviewer who tells my sweeties they have the money. My sweetie and I discusss and discuss. We decide to keep on the Fort Worth path.

I buried St. Joseph that Wednesday evening and have done my prayers each day. (I thank you for all your prayers as well.) We had one showing this last weekend and a few slow drive-bys. Hopefully there will be some shoppers this weekend.

So in the back of my mind I wonder if we had just waved off the boat. Did the life raft I was envisioning come in a different wrapper? One must be very specific in their wishes and prayers.



lifeshighway said...

St Joseph may help. He certainly could be your boat. You never know about these things. There are so many mysteries in life. The believing itself could create its own powers.

Keep feeding St Joseph your prayers.

lemonverbenalady said...

These events happen for a reason. You need to keep on the Ft. Worth path and hopefully the house will be sold and everything will fall into place! It's nice to be in demand, but couldn't it have come a little faster! St. Joseph do your magic, please! Positive energy from the north is coming your way, TG!