Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Many Miracles

I do not know how to act when I go outside and see clouds with moisture coming down from them. It has been so hot and dry for so many years here I still run to get a weather report because I know something must be coming. Precipitation does not a normally occur here unless there is a storm brewing.

The rain is coming with a little force but nothing more than you would expect from normal summer daytime heating. Besides the much needed moisture we have been blessed with magnificent sunsets and

.... the rain lilies are blooming. This was a very special welcome to me out the back door at the Fort Worth house. I could learn to love rain as a normal part of life.

Now for the next miracle.

House back on the market for over a week now. All fixed, cleaned, tidy, grass mowed. Not one phone call. Very distressing since there was so much interest before the storm last month. So, I am calling on St. Joseph to help us with the home sale. I remembered a friend of mine's sister is a realtor - she has used the St. Joseph statue with success. Other real estate agents report their experiences here.
"The tradition has been traced to Saint Teresa of Avila who prayed that Saint Joseph would intercede to obtain land for Christian converts, and encouraged her Discalced Carmelite nuns to bury Saint Joseph medals as a symbol of devotion, consecrating the ground in Joseph's name. Remember, also, that Joseph was a man who knew about moving on a moment's notice (e.g., the flight to Egypt), and providing for a home for his family. He also knows what it's like to have housing trouble (remember the manger? and being turned away from the inns?), and so is likely to be sympathetic to people with trouble getting or leaving a home." source
I have placed the order today. You all will be the first to know.


lemonverbenalady said...

Dear St. Joseph, Please help my friend, Tufa Girl sell her house! Beautiful photos of the clouds, TG! I hope St. Joseph works his miracles!

Tufa Girl said...

LVL, thank you for the prayer. My realtor must have heard you as she finally called to check in.

lemonverbenalady said...

It works for us in restaurants as well. When we show up, business gets brisk! Hope you have turned the corner!

lifeshighway said...

Dear St. Joseph, please expedite the sale of the present tufa home so Tufa Girl can have her next adventure.