Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treading lightly

Got stung by a wasp or hornet on Sunday. It was a surprise attack while I was putting away the shovel I had loaned the neighbor - hit and run. It hit me, I screamed like a girl, and ran into the house to take some Benadryl. I am not allergic but one can never be too careful as I have been stung before. Swollen spot just above my right elbow and it was very itchy.

Do you find when you reach for something in the medicine cabinet it has expired two years prior? Why is that? Apply the stuff anyway, must remember to stop at pharmacy on the way to work.

Tuesday at work, I was fertilizing the plants (with an organic product) and suddenly felt hot fire under my right short sleeve. Pull up the sleeve to find the remains of the evil butt still pierced into my arm. Pull out the spear and go to the office and down some more Benadryl.

Ask one of the ladies I work with if I have a giant "Bite Me" sign stuck on the back of my right arm. No, ok, let's just watch some more swelling.

At home, I look up info on the medical site to learn I have done everything correctly especially since my throat has not swollen shut, yet. Watch the area, if the swelling exceeds 10" in diameter then seek medical attention. Ok, less than 10" in each location. I will live.

Keep applying the new anti-itch ointment as well as the magic leaf, comfrey. The comfrey's rough leaf is nicely rough is a weird "boy, that scratches, but boy that is so good that it scratches" sort of way. Swelling down in the first sting but swelling still very noticeable in the second. It is fun to watch the colors.

Sat down today for lunch and this little butterfly landed on me. I must be a great salty snack. It stayed after it finished checking out my hand and fingers and stayed. I had to put my arm down on a chair rest as this is my right arm that is throbbing from all the previous abuses of the week. The wind blew, the butterfly stayed. I got my camera out and took numerous photos (I am right handed and was photoing with my left hand), the butterfly stayed.

Then "he" did the smallest of shivers, slowly flapped his wings, flew to my leg and then flew away. My boss told me the type butterfly this was - I have since forgotten. Must be all the Benadryl.


lemonverbenalady said...

I sat on one. It flew up the leg of my shorts! I don't need to tell you how that felt! They get mad when they are sat on! Go figure!

Tufa Girl said...

Oh my! I am sorry to bring back that memory for you.

lifeshighway said...

Oh sorry about the sting, I squeal like a girl when I get stung, too.

Lovely little nameless butterfly, you get help it that you are a benadryl junkie.

creekside rummager said...

We were up in the mountains one day and my husband got stung by a wasp on the lip and he is allergic. We had to drive 20 mi. while his lip kept getting bigger and bigger until we found a store to get the benadryl. We began to relax then. Hope you are feeling better by now.