Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I could tell my sweetie was really not into the whole wildflower photo trip on Sunday. He understands time is limited but I think the Nascar race (Texas - at that) was calling his name. Maybe he really wanted to work on putting up the dining room light (not).

So on a lone country road, which he usually likes taking, we see lovely vistas. So I say something like "Nice. It's on your side - take the photo."

I look at the photo and say something like "Really? You took a photo of the driveway. It has a zoom. Zoom in on the horses - get past the gate."

My sweetie follows directions very well. Nice horse shot.

Inside, from across the vehicle I took this.

Just a different perspective.


lifeshighway said...

um, I think one of those is a cow. But what a great lens.

Tufa Girl said...

I did not know this until my sweetie "zoomed" in.