Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peggy Martin

Also known as the Katrina rose as the original rose withstood 2 weeks under 20 feet of salt water from Hurricane Katrina. Read the whole story here and here.

Said to be a vigorous rose she will reach 15 feet tall. Vigorous does not mean fast growing - if anything I will tell you she does not show her true nature until after the 3rd year in the ground. The first years she barely had any canes and only bloomed in the spring. Now you can see she has enveloped the pole here and has finally become vigorous.

I will photograph her again as this is just the beginning of this girl's blooms this season.


lifeshighway said...

oh that may be the rose for me. Vigorous could translate into "I won't kill it"

keewee said...

She is beautiful indeed.