Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hot or Cold?

My sweetie and I went over to a friends house on Sunday to cover her screened in patio with plastic. The property behind her home was once a family owned ranch with goats grazing the property keeping it clear and beautiful. Property sold for a subdivision that did not happen and is now covered with scraggly mesquite trees.

So off in the distance of the dark sky warning of the winter to come we see the hawk.

We did not have enough plastic to cover her patio so I sent my sweetie home to get the plastic I had left from my greenhouse and my "zoom" camera.

The best I could do for the distance.

This last picture was taken today on my way home from work.

Temperatures are now in the high 40's with drizzle and rain.

The guy on the radio as I drove home was asking, "Hot or cold?"

I would say "Hot" as I do love the sunshine. What about you? Hot or Cold?


janie said...

HOT! I hate the cold. I get very crabby when it is cold, particularly if it is cold and wet! Like NOW!

I am glad your sweetie is home. Sad for them to be away.

lemonverbenalady said...

I definitely like it cold! Hot makes me flash! Glad you could spend time with your sweetie, Cindy! Like the hawk. They are so interesting!

Tufa Girl said...

I laugh! You can tell where you all live by your comments.