Friday, October 2, 2009

Trip to see my Sweetie

Went to see my Sweetie on my days off this week.

"Have you been looking at my blog?" I ask.

"Yes," Sweetie answers, "But I have not seen the photos from your last trip."


When I went to visit during Labor Day weekend, we went to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. It was very warm that day but the Fort Worth area had received much more rain than here in New Braunfels.

It was nice to see such lovely green grass. Notice the curvy line? Two different kinds of grass delineated. I do not remember which is which. But nice to see the textures side by side.

Taking the walkway through the gardens. All kinds of interactive things for all ages along the way.
Even the walkway had a botanical interest. You may have to click the photo to better see the leaf impressions in the concrete sidewalk.

I really enjoyed the textures and colors in the gardens. Even the tree trunks were interesting sites.

My apologizes for the washed out look of this photo of the Lower Rose Garden as it was taken at about 2:30 in the hot afternoon. I was disappointed in how the roses looked.

My Sweetie said, "I bet they're Knock-out."

"No, they can't be. Look how crispy they are."

Yep. My Sweetie is right again. I hate when that happens.

I would show how the antique roses did look much better but my camera skills would not have convinced you. You will have to take my biased opinion. ;D

A little bit better photo looking up hill.

Ahhh. A cool spot in the shade.

Amazing scents in the Fragrance Garden, especially this Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) bush. Flowers look like an orange blossom, leaves are shiny like orange leaves, but the fragrance is much, much, more than that of the orange tree. I must get one of these.

Beautiful vistas.

More smell-a-vision. The Evergreen Wisteria (Millettia reticulata) was heavenly. We had walked by this trellis of blossoms earlier in the day but the scent was much deeper later in the day as we were leaving.

We spent quite a bit of time in the gardens. The sun was lower in the sky and the grass just seemed to get greener by the minute.

It was a great day in the gardens. Thank you, Sweetie.

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