Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainy day.

It was 57 degrees on 9/24/09 when I took these photos. All bundled up I was stressing as it seemed as if winter is right around the corner. I need to get my greenhouse completed, shelves built, plants repotted....

It is 90+ degrees today. Plenty of time. Stress over.

Here are some photos from that cold and rainy day.

Took advantage of the cool day to weed the veggie garden. Not much planted this summer as it was a newly created area. Just put some mulch in and had a friend till it all in for me. Planted a few tomatoes, peppers, squash but did not really care for them as the drought and the heat proved never ending.

We have a lot of the little native poinsettia in our backyard. This specimen seems to colored up early this year (maybe since the huge light from the neighbor's yard is history?). Green in the background are some radishes I am hoping will go to seed.

The last of the key limes but looks like the bees have been pollinating for the future crop.

Souvenir de St. Anne's rose.

Berry boat is filling in nicely. This is the side with the Chandler. I will have to replant the Sequoia mainly since I did not get the sprinkler close enough to keep them happy.


YayaOrchid said...

Texas weather is so crazy!

Your garden is lovely!

Mary Delle said...

I really like your Queen Anne rose. Glad you have more time to get your garden list done.