Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raising the roof

The cool front made it through last night which blew the mosquitoes and the humidity out of the air. This cool front also reminded me winter is going to be here earlier this year. Weather man this evening said there could be a frost in the Hill Country next week. Yikes.

Note to the viewers: This was to be my greenhouse attached to my shed or new "TufaWorld". I started this project in January when my sweetie made it through the lay-offs in December. Then the lay-off of April shut down the project.

The roof was to be some polycarbonate with the walls of either cool old windows or screening with glass inserts during the winter.

So now winter is coming. I will not use my temporary portable greenhouse this year but I will have to use the 4 mil plastic temporarily. The rafters of my new greenhouse are made of cedar and my sweetie and I discussed options.

I did not want to use any staples and what will I do when the rains come? The plastic will not provide enough support between the rafters and will become huge lakes waiting to collapse.

I had an idea. I have some shade cloth over "Temporary TufaWorld". I will use that. Not that I need any shade over the greenhouse during the winter but I could use it as the support for the plastic to prevent it from sagging!

Went to the local home improvement box store to pick up the plastic and to look for solutions to the staple problem.

I found these staples that go into soft wood. Viola! I like it!

Half way. Nice? I don't think you can bounce a quarter off it but it does look good.

Ms. Lady Bug seems to like it.

All done. This layer should buy me a couple days.


lemonverbenalady said...

You're a genius!

janie said...

That strapping that you weave lawn chair seats of is really good for supporting the plastic on a greenhouse. I put it in every so often, and it stays tight, until I want to remove it.

lifeshighway said...

great idea. Sometimes necessity will push your creative buttons. When I moved out to my farm with the horses we had an unexpected ice storm and no barn or shelter. So in a panic, I rounded up all my hubbies tarps, extra blankets from the kids beds and made water proof covers for the horses with a punch and hay string.

Sue said...

Looks good! I bet your husband is proud of you. Happy anniversary.

Tufa Girl said...

Thank you Sue. He does brag about my projects to his friends.