Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's All About Fall

Baleria cristata or Philippine Violet blooms in the fall and is lovely as the spent flowers fall to the ground. Looks like a little fiesta!

I have room (still) in the garage for my vehicle and decided since a "potent" storm is supposed to be colliding over Central Texas tonight and tomorrow I would take advantage of the space. Just in case one of the lovely hackberry trees we have left decides to fall during the night.

I told Shadow (the cat) she had to move and let me park inside. She ran out and sat in the neighbor's drive as I got into my Jeep and moved it into the garage. As soon as I got all settled I looked at her and told her, "Ok, it's all yours." She came running into the garage. They know exactly what you are saying to them.

Off to do some work. I'll wait and see if those weathermen know what they are talking about.


janie said...

Oh, I found my Philippine violet in the garden yesterday! Isn't this a beautiful plant! In my garden, it is hardy, and has never frozen (knock on wood), and I am hopeful that it will make it through another winter, unfazed. I am going to take some cuttings, just in case.

lemonverbenalady said...

Our flowers are mostly gone! You lucky Tufa Girl! The cat is cute also. Only photo cats for me. Achoo! Talk to you later!