Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm better now

Photos of the nice things in the yard. The coral vine has taken over the patio area and everything else. Still some flowers so the bees are still feeding.

The Red Fountain rose is still blooming and the Confederate Rose has begun. Hibiscus mutabilis starts white and changes to pink.

Here are two flowers on one branch so you can see how they bloom.

My Joseph's Coat is also peeking through. (Seen in the lower right corner in 1st photo.)

I have braved the 25 mph SW winds and am now ready for the North winds. My sweetie says the front has made it through Arlington this morning about 11.

It is 84 degrees and I can not even think of putting things away in the greenhouse for winter. So I decided to go with movable sides. I will just keep them as flaps and roll and tie them up on these warm days. I can secure the sides when the cool temperatures decide to stay.

Holes in the walkways are filled. It is amazing what a little time with a hoe can do to work out frustration. As for the ants. They know when the weather is going to change. They just fill up and head down into their deep, deep den until the next sunny day. The chemical systemic I use on the roses is the only thing that will keep the roses safe. The ants know when I have missed the re-apply date.

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lemonverbenalady said...

I hope that means you are better because things are taken care of around your property and that you weren't sick! Beautiful flowers! Glad you share them with all of us!