Monday, September 21, 2009

Yard Art

Been very busy with coordinating an event at work last weekend. Have not been out to take note of what is left in my yard.

In the dark of night (that is now happening earlier and earlier each evening) I have discovered a blog close to my heart.

"Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game"
"Play along as you drive the back country roads. Enjoy the journey. Score the Yard Art."

This site is so much fun. Submit your photos and get score for animal figures, birdbaths, broken birdbaths still in use, tires as landscape, etc. This photo from 9/17/09 received 9 points.

Now if I just had some time off to travel down some country roads so I could play along.

1 comment:

lifeshighway said...

Thank you so much for the entry. I am touched. Oh, I admit it... I am thrilled!

I just sent your link to a bunch of my friends. Hope your blog grows and grows.