Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bird Baths

This is one of the tufa bowls that I have sitting around the garden for all the little birds. For those interested in hypertufa - this is a different recipe that keeps the bowl from leaking all the water out.

The pedestal bowl on the left was a found object. The bowl on the right is another tufa bowl. The bowls are mainly here for our two dogs but lately my dog has been wanting to drink from the bowl inside the house. I thought the preference was due to the temperature but ....

I think it may be the essence of bird.... I took this photo through the window screen. If you click on the photo you will see all the little feathered friends in the pool.

Another view out the kitchen window. A little over grown looking? I try to keep my ventures outside on my day off to a minimum. Really looking forward to some 90 degree weather. ;D


YayaOrchid said...

I really like the look of the short birdbaths. They look more 'user friendly' for the birds, I think. :) Do you have a site where your prices are listed on the birdbaths? They really are beautiful!

Tufa Girl said...

Yaya - I have not been making any tufa lately. My manager at Antique Rose Emporium keeps asking me to make some for them. I really need some time off to really get into making them. Not like making a cake - baking and then done. Funny thing is - when I do take a week or so off to do the tufa - it usually rains. (Rain - especially the humidity really throws my timing off in the process.) So you can see by our drought - I have not done anything in a while.