Wednesday, August 26, 2009

$94 later....

Shadow, our battle cat. She must be 8 years old now. Pretty old for an outdoor girl. Has kept our yard as hers over all others in the neighborhood that have come calling. She rules the front yard and only gets to visit the backyard when the dogs are sleeping inside. The dogs do love her but do not understand in the heat of the chase that she is our kitty and not some interloper.

So in the last week she has developed a limp. Under inspection I found nothing broken (skin or bones). Then a bit of swelling and more limp. My Sweetie home this weekend was alarmed. She is good I said... and then last night she did not come running for dinner. Yikes! Am I in trouble? Did I misdiagnosis her resiliency this time?

This morning she arrived out of the back of the garage to my calls with the wound in plain sight. After her breakfast we whisked off to the vet. Walk-ins welcome and the vet greets me with a friendly hello. (We have a thick file in spite of my doctoring.) Inside, wound cleaned, antibiotics shot, paid the bill and home before 9.

"This thing is not so bad from the outside."

Walking with all our paws on the ground.

"What was that?"

She is back to her bad self. See, Sweetie, she will be fine.

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YayaOrchid said...

Oh, poor baby! It's good to see she's walking around much better now. It's awful when things happen to our pets.