Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tucking It All Away

My neighbor has switched out her "Happy Holidays" for these lucky paper cranes. (I am happy to see the "Happy Holidays" trinket go as it was always askew.  I constantly felt the need to put a sticker under a corner to keep it from sliding. Yes, I am one of them.)

Echinacea - Christmas Eve - thinks it is time to bloom

My sweetie has an endless loop of college bowl games on which give me enough noise in the background to do a bit of tidying up for the new year. Didn't I here some one say "what ever you do on New Year's Day you will do all year long"? Probably not a chance of that happening for me.

Anyways, the ornaments, tree, various holiday dust collectors are all dusted and put away for another year. I have rearranged a pantry/bookshelf with cookbooks and dishware and moved the groceries to a new shelving unit to keep the loft kitchen all organized this year. Fertilized the indoor plants I have managed to torture enough to call alive. Laundry is in the works. Probably have to wait until tomorrow after work to run the vacuum as that may be a bit too noisy for the sweetie's entertainment.

12/25 -  4 pm, we officially had a White Christmas. 

 Hamlet, the happy dog.

 Echinacea - not so happy

The weather has been more on the cool side these days. Seems to be running below average per the weather reports.  Our snow lasted for quite awhile as we stayed below freezing for a couple days.  No snow now, nothing in the forecast.

 Shadow enjoying the sun

The sun has arrived this afternoon but with it came a cold west wind. The temp is higher but it feels colder somehow.

No new resolutions as I have decided to stick with last year's. Filter through the thousands of photos I have taken and organize them into something usable. I made a start last year but instead of organizing myself I just took less photos. Seems like a step backwards? I may not make any advancements this year as my sweetie gave me PS Elements for Christmas. (Yes, I am the last one left on the planet to get photo editing software.) First things first, get the loft tidy and then I will have no reason not to play!

Now, tell me, what did you do on New Year's Day?

Hope you have a wonderful and productive 2013.


lemonverbenalady said...

I actually cooked part of dinner which doesn't happen often. Lucky girl here. Don't decorate. So don't have the Xmas dust collectors to put away. Did watch HGTV's coverage of the Rose Parade and missed Paul James' description of what they used for the floats. They had two comedians who weren't funny and didn't describe anything. It was bad. I'm working on upcoming posts so trying not to watch TV, but read. The bowl games are not as they were when I was young. One or two days at tops and they were done. Now it takes weeks! Getting too old for all this nonsense! Hope we have a great year, TG! xxoo LVL

HolleyGarden said...

You are not the last one. I don't have any photo editing software! But I do adhere to the "if you do it on New Year's you'll do it all year long" saying, just because my Mother tells me that every year. So, consequently, I lay around on New Years day - no laundry, no cleaning, no cooking! Haha - Makes for a lazy day, but not so sure it really works for the rest of the year! Poor little echinacea. I bet it wishes it had waited until spring to start blooming! Happy 2013!

Anonymous said...

I did the annual taking down the Christmas trees. This year, four trees and it took me two days to put everything away and clean up dropped needles. Plus, I moved the real tree outdoors for the birds. Some have taken up winter residence as soon as I put it outside. I like the cranes. I have made origami cranes and making a mobile looks like a great idea.

Cat said...

Happy New Year! A nice day of relaxing with family and living intentionally :) All my decorations were packed away by the 30th. I'm one of those :) I did make the bed in hopes that it will happen every day :) Lucky, blessed woman to have a white Christmas. How fun! The cranes are sweet.

Marguerite said...

I've never heard that saying before and now I'm wondering what did I do New Years Day. Walking in the woods with my dear man - sounds like a good way to spend the year. Your garden looks so beautiful under the white, even with its snow coat you can see how much work you've done since you moved in.

Karen said...

Oh, you had a White Christmas! Only in Texas can you have an echinacea trying to bloom in the snow. I don't have any photo editing software either, but then again, that explains alot about my photos, doesn't it? We spent New Year's Day in a frenzied fashion, so I hope the old saying doesn't hold true for the rest of the year, lol.

I finally got the Christmas decorations (indoors) packed away tonight. I'm slow.

Casa Mariposa said...

I laid around the house, sick with a sinus infection. It was quite the party. :o) Have a great 2013!