Monday, January 30, 2012

Where Has She Been?

Happy New Year!  This crazy hibiscus celebrated the day by blooming.  It has been sitting in a dark hallway for weeks.  If you notice the yellow leaves, I have not been watering it all that much. I guess she is just happy to be inside.

A diary I have carried around for years.
A place to keep my self organized, hopefully, and a new part of my daily routine. Two books.

Had one of those days when nothing you do on Blogger goes well? I have no idea why this photo insists on loading upside down.  I even saved it upside down and loaded it.  Still the same.  Sigh.

The nice thing about this book is there is no year so I will be able to compare the day in years to come.  Currently, I have been recording temperatures and weather extremes. There have been a few so far this year.
This photo is ok. Go figure.
The second book is a simple binder to keep photos, seed packets, notes etc.  I will keep it close to the garden diary.

January 3rd - Cold winter mornings have provided beautiful sunrise photos.

January 9th - We have been receiving some rain lately. Think I have a new project to tackle.

Which will include fixing this pathway.

My sweetie and I cleaned the lot next door and planted wildflower seed just before the rains came.

 I brought in some pecan mulch for the bed on the east side and luckily not too much washed.

My current project is to create a bit of a rain garden.  I stretched out a garden hose to get a bit of flow.

I scratched out a bit of the rubble. I need a pick axe as there is so much construction debris in this soil.

Last Sunday (22nd) we had a dust storm blow through town.  My view of Fort Worth on my way home after work.  Yes, I took this photo while I was driving - see the stop light?  It is 5:23 p.m. and the sun looks like it is lost in a fog.

The dust storm could be seen on the weather radar.
It is 4:35 am - that's when my sweetie gets up in the morning. I love this app - Sky12. The yellow circle on the left denotes seismic activity/earthquake.
Then the rains came. The whole state got some rain that day. Over 4 inches for the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Hard to tell the golf course from the water hazards and nearby creek.  All the water receded within a day.

Our local lakes have gone from double digit deficits to surplus from rains this month.  Happy dance.

Only lost a little bit more mulch due to the heavy rains. This area should be good for now.  It looks like my tentative carvings in the ground will follow the water flow.

But for now I am still cleaning the dust from the loft.  It seems my sweetie had all windows open during the dust storm.  All those exposed beams and duct work are cool in a loft apartment but they are not easily dusted.


Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm joining you in that happy rain dance. Texas needed a break. Can't wait to see that wildflower patch in full bloom!

Cat said...

Wow you guys have been busy up there. I didn't hear about the dust storm...that's just weird. This weather is weird. We actually got 3/10" of rain last night. I'm glad you've been able to be so busy in the garden.

creekside rummager said...

As always, it's good to hear what you are up to. Keep up the good work.

HolleyGarden said...

I've wondered where you've been. That is a great idea to use a calendar with no years so you can compare side by side. I heard about the dust storm. Thankfully, it didn't come here! And I too am thrilled about the lakes filling up again.

heather @ whats blooming this week said...

Sounds like you've had some crazy weather in your area. What a strange winter for most of us. Here in Ontario, Canada, we've had very little snow and when it does come it rains away the next day. I'm not complaining though.

The Sage Butterfly said...

I am so glad you got some rain...finally! I like your garden journal. I have been looking for one but I have not found one I like...I guess that is why I started posting it on the blog. You have done so much to the garden recently. It is looking so very nice. With this warm weather we have been having, I have been working out there a bit. If it remains warm, I suppose I will be out there more often.