Monday, December 12, 2011

Blotanical Version 2


Members of Blotanical Unite! Stuart is knee deep in Version 2 of Blotanical. Looks like this new version will be ready in February 2012. Go by and see what he has been up to at the Blotanical Blog. Twitter here.

If by any chance you are a gardener, like to blog about it and somehow not a member of Blotanical.... it is something you really must take a moment to see. Blotanical is a great way to meet garden bloggers from around the world. (I have found folks in India and Australia growing the same plants as I have in my gardens - it is a small world you know.)

Beware, this can be addicting.


Anonymous said...

I hope the new version works seemlessly. I like using Blotanical and your blog for instance, I cannot access via Blotanical. Many are like this and I think folks just stopped visiting for awhile. I have to go directly first to read your post and then go back to Blotanical to pick it. Some blogs, you just can't leave a comment through Blotanical. Visiting twice to the same post has been a pain to say the least. I too thought of leaving and just reading blogs from my sidebar, but many would be missed that way and it would be harder to find new blogs.

HolleyGarden said...

Like Donna, I too hope it works well right from the start. I visit blotanical now less than I have in the past, but mostly because I'm busy with Christmas right now!